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Humane Societies of San Mateo includes the Peninsula Humane Society (PHS) & SPCA. Both have joined to build one non profit organization which concentrates in providing a warm bed, nutritious food, and, veterinary care to a stray animal. This Humane Society was formed when a small Association of animals Advocates found conditions cause great distress at the local pounds.

Since 1970 the PHS/SPCA has provided services such as on-site Spay/Neuter Clinic, a wildlife rehabilitation center, and "get acquainted" room. The get and "get acquainted" rooms are for the public to get to play and know a potential new pet. PHS/SPCA also has a Pet Loss Support Group for those who have lost their beloved pet.

In the 1990s, PHS/SPCA helped pass groundbreaking legislation - the Pet Overpopulation Ordinance - in unincorporated parts of the county, San Mateo and Belmont.

Today with a workforce of just over 100, PHS/SPCA serve every city in the county by providing second chance to all strayed animals and by teaching the humane treatment of animals to school children.

Contact Information:
Peninsula Humane Society (PHS) & SPCA,
12 Airport Blvd,
San Mateo, CA.94401.
Phone: (650) 340-7022.


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